Monday, January 25, 2010

Story Time

I find that every new idea comes to me in the form of random words and images.  They then slowly melt together until they form a story.  To be completely honest, before Anton’s Lane became a nursery brand, it was actually a bedtime story.  So, here it is...the story that became “Anton’s Lane”...

Where is Anton’s Lane?
Down the cobblestones of Anton's Lane dream a dream so true,
Dream of strawberry pirate ships or flying kangaroos.
Dream of little wombats too, in speckled crimson hats,
Dream of giant singing wasps with friendly feathered bats.
Dream of raining cats and dogs and sparkling silver suns,
Dream of chocolate coated koalas eating sticky buns.
Dream a dream, a dream so true, down the cobbled lane so small,
For one day soon it may come sure your dreams grow tall! 

You may have noticed that the final line of this poem was the inspiration behind the “Garden Grow” wall art!

grow cropped

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