Thursday, January 21, 2010

What’s in a Name?

With three degrees to my name I’d happily describe myself as an academic. Prior to 2008 I was working at one of Australia’s most respected Children’s Hospitals and doing what I love to do – “helping the world, one child at a time”! Who would ever have thought that my life was about to take such an amazing detour the day my little boy “Anton” was born.

Although I had completed many years of study, I soon learnt that I knew very little. Anton opened my eyes to a world seen through that of a child; he showed me the honesty, innocence and truth of childhood. But the most amazing gift Anton gave me was “time”. Becoming a “stay at home mum” gave me the time to find other things I enjoy. Unbeknownst to me, it turns out I have an eye for design, which brings me enjoyment!

Anton has taken me on an amazing journey down, what I can only imagine to be, a long winding cobblestone lane of self-discovery. So, when I launched my organic baby bedding label I could not think of a more fitting name...and that is the story of how ANTON’S LANE was named!

Whilst I continue to enjoy practicing Paediatric Neuropsychology, I now find I have a more balanced life – full of love, laughter, family, and creativity.

tea party with bear

(Anton having a tea party with bear during the photo shoot)

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